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Because maybe a few people here will care


And it is only because of proud_slytherin that R.A.B.'s note took me 30 seconds before I squealed REGGIE!!

When discussing spells at the preparty, I was able to correct my friends that the spell was scourgify ;) One of them was actually dressed up as Bella, but it was more of a post Azkaban off her rocker sort of Bella. Not Teen Evil or being picked on by Cissy Bella.

And iamking is slumming it as a secretary for the Muggle PM, and Sirius's cousin seems to have taken up with Remus (who was looking damn fine as Batman).

Oh! And Frank's mum has a first name and is not so good at charms, and Lily was awesome at charms potions, and we have a name for the head of Slytherin house at this time.

And oh yeah, that Snape guy was writing notes all over his potions book (with delusions of granduer), I guess he kept losing his journal.

I think I hit most of what I meant to... *dorks off to another land*
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