Holiday (lulamaegirl) wrote in greenlightwhoa,


I'm at the edge of my seat and so worried for Tonks and Bones and Mrs. Tonks and Mrs. Bones and the little ones right now.

If Moody doesn't get there soon, I will never forgive him. Really.
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I do believe that they'll be all right, only because Edgar has to be killed while with Angelica and the baby later :S

And I think Dorrie grows up with a Daddy. But still! Action!
Holy crap, been a while since using this... anyway. You might want to watch the game through someone's friends list (personally I use Frank's because it's so pretty) because the char journals have the DE/Order communities friended. And the conclusion to the whole thing is on praemonitus. :) Thank you for not abandoning us! :D

-Edgar's player
That is a good suggestion. I keep forgetting to check praemonitus and praemunitus (let alone how to spell them).

Yee! Conclusion! Reading now!
Belatedly... YOU THINK I'M PRETTY :D

- Frank's player