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noob post lol

Oh dear. I do not know why I am making this post, and I can only hope I don't come across as some obnoxious!noob-thing.

I can't remember when I discovered godrics_hollow, but it was already complete(finished?) by then, and I stumbled upon it on some weird search for Regulus/Rabastan stuff. Back then, I was a little obsessed with Antonin Dolohov too, and had shipped him with Fabian Prewett for a while, but reading godrics_hollow has convinced me of the Fabian/Evan. I'm still in the midst of um, digging up the past entries and attempting to put the whole plot together, but the Fabian/Evan has somehow consumed my entire brain.

I'm entirely prepared for this post to go unnoticed, butbut! some things I really want to know if ever anyone should read this post: the grisly details of Fabian Prewett's death in the g_h context, and thoughts on Evan being very likely Narcissa's cousin.

And this is my lame attempt to offer something:

It is said that the men who belong to Olga Berluti's Swann Club polish their shoes with Venetian linen dipped in Dom Pérignon and expose them to the light of the full moon, but that is false. It is the quarter moon that is important, Berluti explains: "The moon gives transparency to leather. The sun burns; the moon burnishes."

From this National Geographic article, and my immediate reaction was AHAHA I wonder if Evan ever did funny ritualistic magicky things to his shoes to ensure they stayed in top condition.

all this is making me feel REALLY WEIRD AND EMBARRASSED so I shall flee, and return to the little hiding hole where I came from
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