A Godric's Hollow Player (welovetoast) wrote in greenlightwhoa,
A Godric's Hollow Player

Haha, hello, yes. This is my favourite icon, I think, and not just because I made it! I <3 little Voldie with a gun. Anyway.

So now that it's been confirmed that Zee Game is Zee Morte, I think I'm speaking on behalf of all the players to say: thank you. First to shoemaster and alegriagraciela for occasionally stroking our egos and then setting this place up to gather the utter legions of watchers and commenters. And to the legions: thanks for not making us feel guilty about using this place for our out-of-context madness. Thanks for fucking watching. Thanks for being here. Thanks, thanks, many thanks. It has been a great deal of fun, and we hope you enjoyed it. God knows we did.

Uh. Statements! Comments! Questions! More praise! Sobbing! Spin off!* Resurrections!* Heterosexuality!* Anything at all! Please, do share!

Fabian's Player, Esq.
Representative of godrics_hollow

* = NO.

please don't kill me he's got dibs on my sweet succulent face as it is!
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